Before and After the FairTax

Sadly, many of us are now so accustomed to the idea of good jobs and investment capital leaving our shores that we forget it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, there is a better way. Experts predict that between $10-15 TRILLION of foreign investments will rush into the United States economy after enactment of the FairTax. With the elimination of the corporate income tax as well as capital gains taxes and personal income taxes and payroll taxes, the U.S. becomes the “offshore tax haven” to the world. That means more “Made in America” jobs, better benefits, economic growth and a rising sea that floats all boats!
It’s time to change our thinking.
It’s time to change our economics.
It’s time to change Washington.
It’s time for the FairTax.
I thought you might be interested in learning more about the FairTax, a comprehensive proposal to replace all federal income and payroll based taxes with a progressive national retail sales tax. Economists predict the FairTax will drive trillions of dollars into the United States economy, shoring up our weakening economy and stock market. How does that sound during these tough times?
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Daniel Coursey reminds me of John Krasinski

  1. They look alike,
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We need a billionaire to start a vote them out campaign

How to have a successful career in Washington DC?  Compromise enough to make both sides happy.  That’s why we need to vote them all out.  We need to send a clear signal to Washington that they don’t get to have a career as a senator or a congressman.  They get to represent us for a few years and then they need to go back home.

We need somebody with a lot of money to start a vote them out campaign with lots of commercials on TV listing all of the politicians who have been in Washington for more than 6 years.

The narrator might say, “They’ve been in Washington for 6 or more years which means that they and their families get taxpayer funded health insurance for life.  They’ve had plenty of time to become friends with several lobbyists.  They’ve gotten good at saying one thing on TV but doing other things behind closed doors… So now it’s time for them to go home.  But they are not going to leave on their own.  They need for us to vote them out.”

Keep An Open Mind. We Are All Brainwashed.

Keep an open mind and never stop using that brain of yours to analyze things over and over again. Every year that you re-analyze a difficult topic you will arrive at a slightly different conclusion. I’m 35 years old, but I started out believing that everything the Republican Party said was as good as gold. I started out brainwashed, but I’ve always been a free thinker. I’ve always been a person willing to think outside of existing paradigms. I think like an engineer. If something is put together right, then I should be able to take it apart and then use logic to put it back together. A lot of what we currently believe is true, is actually not put together right. We are all brainwashed. It is our job, as intellectually honest human beings to try to understand all of the opposing viewpoints so that we can identify some of those beliefs that are actually “not put together right.”

Black Hopefuls Pick This Year in G.O.P. Races –

Black Hopefuls Pick This Year in G.O.P. Races –

According to the article above Obama’s election has invigorated the hopes of persons of color to get elected to office.  Unfortunately, it for Dems it’s not all the left side of the spectrum.  Reluctantly, I have to agree with the article because generally this is a good thing.

As far as being a person of color, as I am one myself, I’m not sure that I understand the fierce loyalty to Democrats.  One could make the argument that Dems work on the behalf blacks, browns, and generally anybody who is not white, that they deserve unwavering support… but if one considers the continued sheer numbers of our people who are still crushingly uneducated, crushingly under-skilled, and thus crushingly poor then one has to wonder who they are really working and if the ceiling of what Democrats can do for us has been reached.  If you are voting because of what HAS been done in the past then you are going to be taken advantage of in the future.

Look, I’m a business major, I believe in competition, if you want your supplier to give you a better price, or have a chance of more equal negotiations, or if you want to break the entrenched status quo then there is no better way than to say, “You know I bet I can get a better deal elsewhere”.

Think about this, Unions are designed to protect their workers.  They band together for better wages (primarily) but also for better working conditions (their truest calling) and benefits; however, in doing so they raise the cost of doing business and make it more difficult for businesses to hire NEW workers.  Effectivly, while some general wins for union workers translate over to the whole of the workforce, unions generally only care about THEIR dues paying workers.  The result is this; a plethora of educated, trainable, hard working NEW employees is actually a threat to Unions.  Basic supply and demand says that any surplus of supply creates lower demand and lower demand creates lower prices.  Therefore a surplus of good workers drives down wages.  That sounds like a downside for workers but think about this; lower prices can create demand for goods.  Therefore, lower wages makes entrepreneurs more able and therefore more likely to create new businesses which create more jobs and creates more wealth for more workers.  With a single minded drive to create wealth for their own dues paying members Unions are actually unbalancing this delicate cycle on the macrolevel creating disincentives to for job creation.  The net result is an artificial scarcity of jobs and thus an increase in general employment opportunity.  As the old saying goes, “It must be nice work… if you can get it”

How does this apply to people of color getting elected as Republicans as this blog started out?  Well, as we are more likely to be without education, training and therefore employment then the opportunity sapping side effect of union activity works against us by hampering job creation, and since we as a bloc are so emotionally wedded to the Democratic party and since the Democratic party is so dependent on Union voting and money then just who is the proverbial red-headed step-child in this dynamic?  The answer is you my non-union new worker.

All that to make this point, if you want opportunity and better deal then make your party WANT you.  Be willing to threaten to defect and be willing to carry that out and for crying out loud, understand that just because your party is WORKING for you doesn’t mean that it’s HELPING you.  You DO have a choice and if you open your mind a bit you might find that people of color who step over the line and vote Republican are not traitors to our respective cultures but that we have thought and reasoned this out to some degree and to some level.My final question to you is this, is your tie to your party of choice emotional or reasoned?  If it’s emotional then maybe you need to firm up your beliefs, ask yourself what you’re core values are, what your deal breakers are and then vote that way consistently.  You might find that you’re voting against yourself more often than not.

I generally vote Republican even though I am more of a Conservative/Libertarian cross.  I’ll work for Republican candidates, but I don’t agree with everything they believe but at least those beliefs are more liberty and personal freedom oriented then Democrats.  You see, I vote Republican because of my beliefs in the purity of the Constitution and the simplicity of that one line, “…Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”.No one owes me happiness; it is born out my own hands… or not at all.

There’s a New Sheriff In Town.

Everybody needs to visit

Five Reasons Not to Despair – Rich Lowry – National Review Online

The legislation on which they’ve staked so much will not withstand its first contact with reality.

via Five Reasons Not to Despair – Rich Lowry – National Review Online.

I want to be able to make my own choices, good or bad, before I die.

The biggest reason I’m against a government take over of healthcare is that it is guaranteed to get too expensive after a number of years, so they will either have to raise taxes, or they will have to start rationing healthcare to only the people who “need” it.  The government will also have to start passing laws restricting our rights to do things that are unhealthy so that hopefully there will not be as many Americans getting sick.  Or the government might decide to start increasing taxes drastically on unhealthy activities so that even if Americans don’t stop doing those things, the additional tax money can be used to pay for some of the out of control costs of guaranteed health insurance.

There is not a logical person alive on the planet who will dispute what I have stated in the above paragraph. The best argument a logical democrat can give as a rebuttal, is to say it is more important for Americans to have guaranteed health insurance than for Americans to have the right to do any unhealthy thing they want to do. Well, that is really nice that nanny government wants to take care of all of us helpless full grown adults who live in the wealthiest country on the planet. But I thought the whole purpose of being raised by your parents for 18 years and then finally becoming an adult, was that after 18 long years of learning how to be responsible for your own actions, you are supposed to actually be responsible for your own actions. Isn’t that what it means to be an adult? For crying out loud!

I’m so sick and tired of the power structure in Washington DC acting like the adults in the United States of America are not smart enough to make their own choices. Some of the choices we make as adults are good choices and some of them are not. If I’m living on a limited budget, I might choose to pay for health insurance, or I might use that same money to buy a couple boxes of premium cigars. But either way it should be MY CHOICE! Nobody gets to live forever. Everybody is going to die. It is a guarantee that you are going to die someday regardless of how “good” the choices are that you make. So why in the hell can’t the Nanny Government just step out of the bloody way and let us make our own bloody choices? Mandatory Health Insurance???? What the hell!!!!!!! I might not want any bloody healthcare. I might just want to smoke cigars until I die. I’m a full grown adult, so that should be my choice without Nanny Government stepping into the picture and telling me that a full grown adult in the United States of America is not authorized to make his own choices. What is the point of being free if I am not allowed to make my own choices? I don’t care if things turn out better in the end before I inevitably die anyway. I want to be able to make my own good or bad choices before I die.  I don’t want the government to regulate my “unhealthy” activities any more than they already are. I would rather take my own chances with healthcare and have the right to do what ever the hell I want to do with my own life.